Review Policy

My review policy will detail the conditions in which I accept a review request. I am happy enough to review both ARCS, as well as self published books, along with new and old releases.

I typically enjoy reading Young Adult, New Adult, Historical Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction and Fantasy. However, if you believe I may find some interest in your book, you are more than welcome to email me (The address will be provided down below). Upon emailing me, you should have a clear and concise introduction i.e. Who you are, whether you are self published or not, which format you are willing to send, and what your book genre is and what it is about.

In my response, I will typically give you a guideline to how long it will take me to read and review your book, this can be anywhere from a fortnight to a month, as I do have commitments outside reading (such as university) and may have to put any reading on a hold. I do accept (and prefer) paperback/hardback copies, and will provide an address when I accept the request – note – I live in Australia. However, I do accept E-pub files, which are both suitable for my iPhone and Kobo. Please note, however, that ebook files generally take longer for me to read and complete.

I will review and rate your book out of five (5) stars, and will mark the rating on Goodreads with a short review, as well as posting a full detailed review on my blog, and post a video review on my Youtube channel. If you would like a small review on Amazon, or any other website, please disclose this information in your email. When I have reviewed your product, I will send you an email that states where I posted reviews as well as providing the appropriate links e.g. A link to my Youtube review – which will be put in my Reviews playlist, and be linked on social medias such as Twitter.

Please note, in return for your book, I will post an honest review. Please do not be offended if my review mentions a slight criticism, as it is my opinion.

You can contact me here at:

Please state in the subject that it is a review request, just to ensure it does not get lost among my other emails.